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ESET Cyber Security Pro - My Feedback

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Recently (okay, not really recently - it's was already some months ago - so sorry for this, I wanted to publish this earlier) I was able to test ECSP. As always with ESET programs ( ;)) it worked nicely and has a nice GUI, but there are still some things (some of them may be bugs) I have noticed.

I will list them here, but please note that I cannot do any further troubleshooting (or something of this kind) as I'm not able to use the device anymore.

At first the version of ECSP I used:

  1. When changing the settings of the user interface (or the context menu settings) there is no hint that this changes will only be applied after a PC (ehh... Mac :)) restart. (Although it seems to be only applied after a restart.)
  2. When ECSP displays a notification and you click on the small "drop down button" the menu is not displayed directly below the "drop down button", but below the whole note.
  3. When you download the ECPS "installer" you get a volume file. I mean this:
    Now you can resize this, but the content isn't resized...
  4. In the settings you can enable that ECSP uses the "standard menu", with which this is meant:
    So there is a small "font issue": The left text "ESET CyberSecurity Pro" isn't (like with any other Mac application) bold.
  5. At some time I did a smart scan. After this I again tried to start a smart scan (with a user account which had no root rights, but was privileged in the settings of ECSP) and then the Smart scan went very fast - too fast. I can imagine that ECSP is fast, but not that fast. :D
    It directly showed me that it did not scan any files... :D
    I have documented this in a video which you can see here: ESET Cyber Security Pro - "Very fast smart scan" issue | MyVideo (password: esetforum)
    As you can see a custom scan worked without any problems.
  6. When submitting a file with the built-in forum you can only write a single-line into the "comments" box (although it's quite large). If you press enter then it already submits the file.
  7. In the context-menu there is missing the function (which I know from ESS and NOD32) to view information about the file on ESET LiveGrid.
  8. When exporting the settings no file extension is added by default, which means that you either add no file extension (./settings) or add any file extension which comes into your mind (./settings.ecspsettingsfile). I think it should add it's own file extension, especially because the settings file is not a XML file, like in ESS and NOD32.
  9. There are two places to edit the rules and zones - a "real" rules and zones editor and the Firewall settings. I think this is quite confusing...
    ESET Cyber Security Pro - Double rules and zones editor | MyVideo (password: esetforum)
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Hi rugk,


Happy to see that you've tested out Cyber Security Pro.

  1. I agree that there should be a message on the User Interface settings section to mention changes will be applied after restarting your Mac.
  2. Not sure if that is accidental as it can be useful if required to view the whole message whilst viewing the menu.
  3. Unfortunately this is out of ESET's control - Volumes can set their own window size but if a user resizes it then there's nothing that can be done about it currently (All other popular applications who use this method also have the same limitations).
  4. Yes, that should be bold (also think 'User interface' should be 'User Interface'), still waiting for some of the system preferences icons on a retina display to be fixed as well... they did mention in the past that these are a low priority for them, so I'm guessing they will fix this for at least version 17. 
  5. Definitely too fast. :P One thing I noticed in your video is that your modules are quite outdated now - there has been a few module updates done this year, so I'd be interested to see if this still happens with the most recent updates. Also, was this tested after the Mac was restarted or straight after installation?
  6. When you continue typing in the comments box, it should automatically continue underneath onto the second line (and so on). Wonder if pressing Shift + Enter allows you to make a new line like in other applications?
  7. You are right, ECS and ECSP currently allows you to only view current running processes (which you can also view in OS X's Activity Monitor). It's not too much of a problem as Apple's GateKeeper and XProtect protects you at the moment, however it would be useful to have in the future.
  8. Fortunately, OS X likes and understands not saving with extensions so this is standard behaviour for the settings file and adding an extension is not required.
  9. I'm pretty sure this is intentional, as the one within Preferences has no window resize ability (Similar to OS X's System Preferences) but is very fast to access from the OS X Menu Bar, but the editor can be freely resized making rule editing easier if needed (which has been very handy when modifying many rules). Both save changes and function the same, so in the end you can use either of them for whichever purpose.


I'm currently waiting for the next release of Cyber Security Pro before heavily testing and verifying all the issues and bugs discovered.

Thank you for taking the time for submitting feedback, rugk  :D

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Hi @planet,

thanks for your fast answer. I knew you would answer... :D


2. Well... I found it looked strange... :D  - And it takes a longer mouse route to go to the options there... :D

3. Okay, I was not sure whether ESET could affect this, but if it's this way then just forget this...

5. I think it was straight after the installation. However (as I said) I did tested this some months ago - so that's the reason why the modules are outdated of course - and (as I said too) I'm not able to test it again. Additionally this issue was only reproducible the moment were it happened, but later it went well (maybe after a restart? :unsure: - I don't know exactly anymore).

6. Yes of course, but I'd like to structure the things I write. I think Shift + Enter didn't worked either. However you can of course try it out and test whether this works.

7. Well... it would be nice to have. :D

8. Ahh okay.

9. Well... why not make the settings resizeable (or open then in an additional window)?


Of course a great addition which I would like is Anti-Theft...

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