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ERA 6 Question

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I recently installed ERA6 on a new server. On my servers I installed ESET File Security 6. All my client computers have ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.


I pushed the agent to 1 client computer. But when I check my Advanced settings I still see it pointing to the old server for updates. I thought the agent would fix this?

I can't imagine I have to manually change this on all my clients. Or do I have to upgrade all my clients to ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6?


What I also don't understand you have to install the Agent + ESET Endpoint Antivirus now for ERA6?


Sorry for the many questions.


Kind regards,



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Yes. in EEA5  a lot of the "agent logic" like handling tasks, handling upgrades etc. was part of EEA.  Now it's split out, and you install the agent on all machines. You then choose what software to push to those machines and the agent handles it.


ERA6 is meant for v6 clients; it's expected that you will upgrade both at the same time.




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