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Our website is blacklisted by ESET [www.tvidler.com]


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Hello ESET,

I am writing to you, because our company have noticed that our website www.tvidler.com where we conduct e-commerce business has been blacklisted by ESET. Specifically, customers cannot access the website, because ESET blocks it stating that website has potentially unwanted content ("Potentially unwanted content found"). 

We have no idea why ESET decided to block our site. Also we have checked website's safety through Google and it shows that no unsafe content found on www.tvidler.com (https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search?url=tvidler.com&hl=en)

Please let me know if there's anything that can be done to reclassify the page and remove it from the block list. Thank you.



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