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Db backup file location change in Rocky-based appliance?

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Recently upgraded from the CentOS appliance to the Rocky appliance (version info below). Worked my way through a few problems but everything is up and running. Went to do some routine maintenance on it today and had it do a database backup. Worked fine, no errors occurred. When I went to download the backup file (used to be root/era-backup.sql), there was no backup there. Did some searching and found what appears to be the backup file, now located in opt/appliance/conf/db-backup.sql. To verify that this was the file, I performed another backup and rechecked the date and time stamp and it had updated accordingly.

So first off, can you confirm that this is indeed the correct file that I was looking for. If so, is this an intentional and permanent change, or is this another issue with the Rocky appliance that is going to be rectified in a later release?


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