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Quick scan will not run

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Guest bearlette 19

I have downloaded Eset Online Scanner and attempted to start a quick scan but it will not get beyond the module stage to begin the scan.

the module appears to be in a loop and keeps reverting to 1% before getting to the end.

This is a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 22H2 64bit Pro.  We have a desktop computer with Windows 10 22H2 Home 64bit which runs the Eset Online Scan perfectly.

Please can you help?

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Guest Guest bearlette 19

The ESET Online Scanner does nothing during a module update exept for the various windows keep flashing up on the main screen. There is no crash.

The progress bar for the module update keeps running along to different % values but always goes back to 1% before getting anywhere near to 100%.

Hope I have described this properly.


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Guest bearlette 19

Good News !!

The EOS seems to have spontaneously corrected itself and now appears to be working properly as expected

Fingers crossed that this will continue.

Sorry to have troubled you.

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