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Questions of ESET LiveGuard Options

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Guest Johny

Recently, ESET suggested activating the ESET LiveGuard option where Documents—Includes Microsoft Office or PDF documents with or without active content are automatically sent for analysis of suspicious content on ESET servers. The question is the following, in the graphical interface option we have: delete immediately after analysis or the option to delete after thirty days. In this case, does deleting immediately mean it will be in real time?

For users who enable the option, is there a significant privacy risk?

If you leave only the default minus this documents option enabled, will each and every type of file be inspected online?

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The option to delete files immediately after analysis is self-explanatory. The files that are subject to analysis will be deleted from the server as soon as the analysis has completed, typically within 5 minutes from submission. There is not privacy risk in submitting files. For more information about privacy policy, please read https://help.eset.com/elga/en-US/privacy_policy.html.

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Guest Johny

In the case of document analysis, if this option is turned off, will the analysis for all other suspicious files continue to work?


And finally, if the document is a false positive and contains confidential information, does the information from a recent detection retain the personal content of the document? (I didn't find this point in the privacy policy).

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