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Can't see which File was blocked due to analysis

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I am on ESET Smart Security Premium, v17.0.16.0 on a Win10 22H2.

I keep getting this notification in the bottom of the screen about "File blocked due to analysis", but when clicking on "file", nothing happens, I can't see what is the file being analysed (check screenshot attached).

Is there any way for me to see which File has been found by ESET as suspicious?

Thank you!

PS: Just for context, I am syncing a Dropbox account on an external HDD and wondering maybe that's why it keeps showing this notification? maybe it's scanning those files in real time?

ESET file blocked.png

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If you hover the mouse cursor over the "file" hyperlink, the path to the file will be displayed. If you attempt to access a temporarily blocked file pending for the result of cloud analysis, a notification with an option to unblock the file will pop up.

If you don't want proactive protection to temporarily block untrusted downloaded or extracted files, you can disable proactive protection in the ESET LiveGrid setup (not recommended).

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