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Eset VPN( Home Ultimate)

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I hope that I don't post in the wrong forum,but since I couldn't find any better way.

However,my post is about your VPN; in wich can be bought individualy or as a package such as Home Ultimate.

Since I bought an Ultimate license; because my previous subscriptions had expired.

But since of buing this services alone is quite expensive; espesally VPN. In wich can cost as much as an Antivirus license.

Compared to my previous Antivius and VPN( F- Secure and Nord).

If I just compare VPN from F- secure; in wich is an banned service. I've also found their virus definitions as out- of date.

However once upon a time it was an good service,but not any more.

But if I then compare Nord( since F- secure became an usless/ abended service), I have to changed to a better one.

This one worked fine,but due to new EU/ Swedish regulations I couldn't keep this service.

Since that nowdays it's only possibel to pay either Cards or Klarna. Since nowdays all services need some sort of 2 way authentisation.

Here in Sweden we have choosen Mobilt BankID. Since this feature is more of an joke,with absolutly zero decryption.

However ever since this service was launched( but since Swedish laws had forced every individal to this service) had in increased.

But however it's not an coincidense that frouds had increased,since this feature is as safe as an served smörgåsbord( or an wire lock to your bike,in wich you can cut).

But sorry if there was out of topic,but as my point of wiev compared to Nord.

Since that many viruses/ malewares/ ransomwares is spread via pop- ups/ links.

But since Nord has a much higher security on their VPN, with both Ad- blocker, pop- up,and also a military grade.

Since this service neither have this features, is it possibel to add this?

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ESET Security Ultimate is a family product for 5-10 devices.

As for ad-blocker, such feature is not currently planned. There are more free ad-blockers available that you can use.

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