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Cannot connect to Eset Protect with port 2223

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Dear teams

I just installed EI's Server, but when to connect to EP, i got this error.
i can telnet to ip' server EP with port 2223, but still cant connect to EP.
any one can help me?



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From the screenshot it is not clear if you have set the server address as the IP address or hostname of the server. Is it failing with the IP address entered?

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yes, i use the ip address, and on log i got this error.
User and pass im entered was right, cause i can login to EP with that's credential,

any sugession?


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  • Solution

The following procedure should make the communication work:

1, Ensure that Advanced security is disabled, otherwise:
A) Click More > Settings > Connection and click the toggle next to Advanced security.
B) Click Save to apply the setting.
C) Close the Console and restart the ESET PROTECT server service.
D) Wait a few minutes after the service is started and log in to the Web Console.
Afterwards, when Advanced security is disabled, proceed with further steps:

2.Verify if all computers are still connecting and no other problems have occurred.

3.Click More > Certification Authorities > New and create a new CA. The new CA is automatically sent to all client computers during the next Agent - Server connection.

4.Create new peer certificates signed with this new CA. Create a certificate for the agent and the server (you can select it in the Product drop-down menu in the wizard).

5.Replace your current ESET PROTECT server certificate with the new one.

6.Create a new ESET Management Agent policy to set up your agents to use the new agent certificate:

A) In the Connection section, click Certificate > Open certificate list and select the new peer certificate.

B) Assign the policy to computers where you want to use the advanced security.

C) Click Finish.

7. Wait until all Agents have replicated and obtained new policy.

8. Run a repair installation over ESET Inspect as described here: https://help.eset.com/ei_deploy/2.0/en-US/?get_the_certificate_from_esmc.html
Customer can go through first steps of repair as pre-filled from original installation, and then in above mentioned point they need to create new certificate based on correct CA.

9. After repair is finished, observe and confirm whenever Inspect console and Connectors are able to communicate, and if data from Inspect are able to reach PROTECT console.
In case Connectors won't be able to communicate with Inspect console, re-installation of Connectors using PROTECT tasks may be necessary. This may not occur, so please, proceed based on observation.

10. Re-enable Advanced security in PROTECT console and restart the service.

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  • Marcos changed the title to Cannot connect to Eset Protect with port 2223

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