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AD Sync with secure groups

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I am trying to syncronise my devices with Active directory.

I am trying with the following LDAP Parameters.

On the 'Node Display Name Attribute' name. Computers Filter (objectClass=computer) or (objectCategory=computer) or even (!(objectCategory=*)(objectClass=*)) and again all the combinations of them, Computer Description Attribute = description , Computer Hostname Attribute = name, Computer Hostname Regular Expression (.*)

But I cannot get all the devices that I want. I can get the devices that are right under a OU but I am getting all the security groups that are inside an builtindomain as devices, so any device that is inside the security group cannot be seen.

How can I access the devices under a security group and make a security group to become a group and not a device.

Thank you so much in advance!



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Since nobody has come up with an answer, please raise a support ticket.

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