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Prevent Eset MSP Administrator to auto create computers in other groups ?

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We're migrating clients to an MSP console and on a few occasions recently while using the migration policy to move computers, it seems like the console automatically created and moved computers/servers to another client instead of dropping the computers in "lost and found" like it always does.

On those occasions,it looks like the console just did not take the computer's FQDN name into account somehow...

Is there an option somewhere in the MSP console where we can tell the console NOT to automatically create computers and leave them in lost and found ?

Attached is an example of 4 VMs from the same client.

One (green) got dropped in "lost and found", the others (red) went somewhere else (luckily this time, all in the same wrong client...)

2024-03-04 14_49_23-Afficher le rapport - ESET PROTECT — Mozilla Firefox Private Browsing.png

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Since nobody has come up with an answer, please raise a support ticket.

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