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ESET Server Security 11.0.12008 for Microsoft Windows Server

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Release date: February 29, 2024

ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server version 11.0.12008.0 has been released and is available to download.


Version 11.0.12008.0

  • NEW: Firewall Support

  • NEW: Vulnerability & Patch Management support

  • NEW: ESET PROTECT Hub Support

  • NEW: Support for SHA-256 file hash

  • NEW: In-product support state informing according to End-of-life policy

  • NEW: Extended generation of Automatic Exclusions with the use of arbitrary credentials.

  • NEW: eShell can now export data to .csv

  • NEW: Support for forced check of product auto-upgrades via ESET PROTECT Console

  • IMPROVED: Configuration export protected by admin rights needed

  • IMPROVED: On-Demand OneDrive Scan now provides more specific error description logs

  • IMPROVED: ESET Cluster wizard now informs about the result of product activation on individual nodes

  • IMPROVED: Imported configuration from cluster node (within synchronization) will have cluster as source in audit log

  • CHANGED: Sending documents by default after enabling of ESET LiveGuard Advanced

  • CHANGED: Cluster menu option has been moved from “tools” to “Setup/Server” section

  • CHANGED: Various User interface layouts in Setup/Server, Setup/Network

  • FIXED: A problem where product ignored new features that came with upgrade through automatic-updates

  • FIXED: A problem where incorrect language was set while deploying via GPO

  • FIXED: A problem where an on-demand scan of .tgz archive returned “error reading archive”

  • FIXED: A problem where it was not possible to start eShell under SYSTEM account.

  • FIXED: A problem with error message: "The system failed to flush data to the transaction log" in event viewer caused by realtime filesystem protection

  • FIXED: A problem where a status message “Updates are available” could not be dismissed.

  • FIXED: A problem with occasion of incorrect task logs informing about failed scan that actually completed successfully

  • FIXED: A problem where execution of signed batch file through eShell was not working properly

  • REMOVED: Support of Microsoft Windows Server 2012

  • REMOVED: Support of Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012

  • REMOVED: Support of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials

  • REMOVED: Support of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation

  • REMOVED: Support of Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2012

  • REMOVED: Ability to install or upgrade ESET products on operating systems that do not support Azure Code Signing.

Support Resources

Online Help (user guide):

For more information and to download the product, visit the ESET Security for Microsoft Windows Server download page or contact your local reseller, distributor or ESET office.

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