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i`m using Eset smart security and to day when i`ve turned on the computer the antivirus started to go crazy in te notification area blocking this whiskergalaxy.com, or some random user15.whiskergalaxy.com. I`m not using VPN, i`ve got the Eset one but never used and this is the first time when i`ve heard about this whiskergalaxy. what can it be? any help?


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Hello. - Hello.
I have the same thing and it bothers me to display it many times.
Can you please tell me how to fix it?
I set up E-SET Security Ultimate yesterday.
When I started up my PC 6 hours later, it still shows...
The "whiskergalaxy.com blocked" warning comes up several times in about a minute and won't go away.

I would like to know who whiskergalaxy.com is and what they are trying to do.

Even if the impact is slight, it is annoying and I would like to find out the original application and delete it.

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I'm sorry.
I said it was bothering me...I didn't notice that the warning was no longer there ^^^;>.
It certainly doesn't appear at the moment. Thank you very much.

Domain will be deactivated."
I see this is what you meant by "The domain will be canceled".
I guess it means that the warning will stop appearing as the settings will be changed on the E-SET side shortly. I didn't understand it because I am out of the country and my mind is rotten. ^^;>
Thank you very much.

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