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0x8007003B Error when copying xml files


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I installed new Win 11 with NOD32 Antivirus. When copying xml files from local drive to network drive File Explorer shows "Error 0x8007003B an unexpected network error occurred". But file is copied. On other computers in network this problem does not appear. Problem appears only when copying xml files, other files are OK. When I turn NOD32 off no error is displayed... Any idea how to fix the problem?



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Does it happen even if you disable scanning of network drives in the real-time protection setup? Does pausing only real-time protection make a difference?

Please carry on as follows:

  1. Temporarily disable Protected service in the HIPS setup
  2. Reboot the machine
  3. Start logging with Procmon
  4. Reproduce the issue
  5. Stop logging
  6. Save the Procmon log unfiltered in the PML format and compress it.
  7. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive along with the Procmon here.
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