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ESET management agent issues with deploying through Intune - previously working, no changes made.

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Hi all, created a account to ask this forum specifically for the issue from tittle. 

If i missed the subforum, please let me know.

Namely, we use ESET Cloud + Eset endpoint security for our users (around 1000ish users)

I've converted a ESET management agent installer to win32 app for Intune.

Deployed it, the device lands in Cloud Portal under dynamic group devices with no security product then i made a task with trigger to deploy endpoint security to them.

It was working as intended up until couple of days ago i was notified of issues.

I've tested following :

New Intune prep tool (latest one) + latest installer of mgmt agent = fail to install.
Intune line of business app with .msi installer = nothing.
Locally test commands for silent install = fail > without silent /qn parameter it goes through. 
Intune test change parameters to not include /qn = fail.
I've did some digging in intune logs on the VM used for testing, it detects app is not installed tries to install   and it fails with installer : [Win32App] Failed to create installer process. Error code = 193 IntuneManagementExtension 1/10/2024 6:30:35 AM 3 (0x0003)

Google/Reddit havent been of much help on this.

Looking to ask if any of you are using ESET through Intune and how is it working for you, all advices/thoughts are welcome.

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