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MS 2016 issues installing Remote Agent

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ESET PROTECT on-prem (Server), Version 11.0 (
ESET PROTECT on-prem (Web-Konsole), Version 11.0 (

Windows Server 2016 having issues with new certificates. The old ones are at the end of its timespan so i created a new Peer and Server certificate. The peer cert is without and CA is with password if that matters.
Then I created a policy with the new cert and changed the Server cert. All modern Servers moved correctly to the new Cert, but the windows 2016 servers throwed "Configuration module has malfunction" and remain on the old cert.

Tried uninstalling Management Agent and reinstalling it, but install failed with:

ERROR: (ConfigInsertPeerCertContent) Checking certificate ended with error 'ParsePfxCertificate: PFXImportCertStore failed with Das angegebene Netzwerkkennwort ist falsch. Error code: 0x56'
INFO: Successful GET property 'P_SILENT' with value - UILevel=4
INFO: Custom action 'ConfigInsertPeerCertContent' ended.
CustomAction CA_ConfigInsertPeerCertContent returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)


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Since this will require deeper investigation, please raise a support ticket.

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