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Mail Security for Exchange server

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Hi everyone, is it just at My server or anyone else has similar problem.

This morning after checking exchange server (on premise) with i have a lot of false positive emails stuck as spam in quarantine. Mails stuck are from automated services (banks, backup software, production software, etc). Did not change any settings in past 2-3 months and these emails come every day, so they are not spam definetely. Does anyone have a solution or it is just ESET bad luck. I switched from Kaspersky 2 years ago (because of Russia-Ukraine) and now I feel sorry, because ESET sometimes is just imposible to deal with. If I have to whitelist every email address on the planet i just might uninstall it and leave it to users to check what is good and what is bad. Kaspersky had Way much better and simpler user interface, Here when I need to change setting, i have to first find it somewhere in the menu, and can't even save email as email to test it somewhere in sandbox if it is something I think it may be important but from the email i first saw.

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Please raise a support ticket for investigation. Most likely ESET for Exchange is not configured properly and an IP address is blacklisted which shouldn't be. I assume it's not a global issue since no other customers have reported such so the logs and configuration will have to be checked by the ESET support.

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