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Fake Norton invoice .PDF


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Was submitted to ESET months ago


The phishing is via the .PDF file which might have other code in it

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I got it in a phishing email pretending to be from Norton, sent the file and email to ESET 4 months ago

41 minutes ago, itman said:

No one else at VT detects this .pdf as malicious.

It has not been seen by them, but it is a phishing attack via .pdf, as I mentioned I don't know if the attackers put any exploit in there, I also reported it to others besides ESET


From: updation program desk-48449 <rodolfofarkasdq2@gmail.com>
Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2023 at 12:23 PM
To: targetemail <targetemail>
Subject: Invoice reference - 05266487/ pdf billing

"Greetings targetemail

Your request has been approved by Norton, We have forwarded to you an upgraded edition of your invoice, which has now been included in the PDF document. The E-Bill contains an accompanying PDF REPORT.

Your payment for renewal has been forwarded to the billing department for additional verification.
Obtain immediate assistance from our customer service desk by calling +1(912) 275-5927.

HELPDESK at +1(912) 275-5927.


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