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ESET Protect: Identify (Linux) Client with changing IP addresses

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Hello all.
We use ESET Protect 10.1.1291.0.
The Linux desktop uses management agent version 10.1.2272.0 an endpoint antivirus

Some of our clients (notebooks) jappear in changing subnets, regarding on how they join our network.
There is one subnet for clients, that build up a VPN tunnel from remote and another for those that are connected directly to the LAN.
It seems, ESET Protect can handle this (changing IP addresses), when it deals with a windows client. However we also have (Ubuntu 22.4.3 x64) Linux clients.  Those are not member of the domain, however have DNS records für both IPs.
For those clients, everything works well, when they are in the subnet, that they were in at Endpoint Antivirus installation time.
If they are in the other net, the management agent states, that it is connected and successfully replicated.
However ESET Protect still complains, that the client is not connected. It is not aware of the IP change.
Am I missing something?

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I would start with checking /var/log/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/status.html and trace.log for possible errors when the machines are in another network. Please raise a support ticket for help with further troubleshooting of the issue.

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Thank you. I did not look there, because the ESET Endpoint Antivirus GUI told me, everything is well (the management agent states, that it is connected and successfully replicated). I now found out, that even with disconnected network, this status is "connected"  and "replicated".

The trace log tells me, that eset cannot resolve the servers DNS name, which is true with VPN tunnel.
So, the solution will hopefully be to set an entry to the clients /etc/hosts.


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