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ARP Cache Poisoning attack


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Hi everyone,

Hope you're doing well.

On my logs endpoint, i received many alert about "ARP Cache Poisoning attack " :


Ip is static ip.



I've checked on this ip , it just have 1 mac-address as SOURCE [00:0c:29:94:7b:98]



And on my endpoint , which is alert ARP Cache Poisoning attack 


So , how do i can resolve this problem ?


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2 minutes ago, itman said:

Hi itman,

Thanks your response.

How to can i know this alert is false positive or true positive ? I mean that may be one of my endpoints has infected and it try scan or poisioning my local network ?

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Again, the problem is with your router configuration;


This issue can also occur if a device is configured to utilize a static IP address without that address being reserved in your router. Your router will eventually attempt to assign that address to a different device, resulting in an IP conflict.


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