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Change installation directory/path for ESET Protect Server setup

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Good afternoon,


my co-worker somehow managed to install ESET Protect Server in a different path then C:\, for example E:\.

He doesn't know anymore how he did it. He said he did use the ISO image (All-In-One).

While installing ESET Protect Server, I have no option to change the directory.

I've seen that you can change the directory with an .msi, which is in the "Installer" folder.

How do you change the installation directory of ESET Protect Server setup?

Thanks in advance.



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Thank you for your answer.

FYI: When you install the "Server_x64.msi" alone, you can choose an directory at the end, but if you use the normal Setup.exe, like the screenshot above, you cannot change it.

I installed an SQL instance with the normal SQL installer, installed ESET Protect with the "Server_x64.msi" and the rest got installed with the "Setup.exe". For anyone having the same problem.

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