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Installation Issues with ESET Protect - Need Assistance

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Hello everyone,

I'm reaching out to seek your expertise as I'm facing persistent challenges while installing ESET Protect on a machine intended to manage my entire IT infrastructure. After several attempts, the installation seems to have succeeded. I've also configured my firewall to open port 2222 to my public IP address, and a Telnet test confirms that the port is accessible.

Currently, I'm in the testing phase of agent installation on two workstations to minimize the impact on the rest of the network. However, I'm encountering issues that I can't seem to resolve. Initially, a clock-related problem was blocking the certificate, but once that hurdle was overcome, I managed to resolve the "Peer Certificate" error.

At present, here are the errors I'm facing:


Additionally, I have attached the trace.log file, with my public IP replaced by for privacy reasons.
I would be grateful to anyone who could shed light on these issues. Additionally, please note that the translation of my message into English may contain some errors, and I apologize in advance for that.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,



Here are the specifics:


ESET PROTECT (Server): Version 10.0 (10.0.2133.0)

ESET PROTECT (Console Web): Version 10.0 (

trace 29-11-2023.log

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The agent is attempting to connect to Please make sure that you deploy agent with correct host settings. If you use the hostname instead of the IP address, make sure it can be resolved on the endpoint alright to rule out DNS issues.

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to express my gratitude to Marcos for the prompt response. In regards to the attached file, I want to clarify that, to protect my IP, I have replaced it with in the provided file. Additionally, it's worth noting that I do not use a hostname; I rely solely on the public IP.

Thank you again for the assistance.

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