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ESET NOD32 on Mac


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We have an active license to use the ESET NOD32 AntiVirus in our company with many purchased seats.


Trying to convince one of the department managers that his employees need to install this AV, I am challenged with below questions that I appreciate your feedback on:


- How much anti-virus software does on a Mac above the built-in XProtect feature?


- How much does ESET Nod32 require in terms of RAM/CPU? What RAM / CPU overhead does this have?


- ESET NOD32 used to write too much information to the console which made debugging code on Macs too difficult. Is this still the case?


I appreciate your feedback on this.


Thank you.

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XProtect tends to be reactive and not very good when you need proactive protection.


NOD32 uses a very small footprint, mine runs in about 30MB of RAM with little impact on the CPU.


Unfortunately ERA is not available for MAC which is a shame, but each local client has statistics logged locally but not excessive. You can view the statistics and log files very easily.

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