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Questions about the ESET Cyber Weekend Sale

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I have two questions about the Cyber Weekend sale. First - when does that sale end?

My current ESET subscription expires on May 1, 2024. If I purchase one of the deals this weekend, when does it need to be activated? Can I wait and activate it in May or does it take effect now?


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Please contact the seller who should be able to answer. If it's a Newegg deal, contact Newegg. If necessary, contact ESET, LLC who should know better about deals in the US than we in Europe.

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1 hour ago, LH2023 said:

No - I mean buying it from ESET in your Cyber Weekend Sale https://www.eset.com/us/cyber-weekend-2023/

And also - can these be activated when my current subscription ends, or does it have to be right away?

That's a great deal at Eset U.S. eStore web site - 50% off normal retail price.

As far as when the Eset subscription starts in regards to Eset eStore purchases, it starts at time of purchase.

Now if you perform an existing Eset license renewal purchase, any remaining time for your existing license is added to the license renewal duration. Unfortunately, the Black Friday discounts don't apply to license renewals.

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2 hours ago, Marcos said:

if it's a Newegg deal, contact Newegg.

Eset needs to clarify license purchases from authorized third party sources in light of the new ver. 17 subscription model with forced use of Eset Home portal.

The main advantage in the past was by purchasing a license from a third party. one could activate the new license by license key when the existing subscription expired. It appears license activation by license key is no longer possible for ver. 17?

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Thanks for all of the input! So I guess since my current subscription runs till May 1, I can't take advantage of the Black Friday deals without losing 5 months on my current one. Too bad...

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