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Install problem of ESS8.0

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After I uninstalled Norton security 22, I was not able to install ESS in my PC.

An error occured with the code number 2503 and 2502 during the stage of registering when installing ESS.

Do you have any ideas about this problem?

(Windows 8.1 64bit)



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It's to do with User permissions and ability to run MSI files.  I do know away around it however I don't deem it very safe so wouldn't like to instruct you as someone might have a safer way of doing it.  You other option is to contact customer support and they should be able to help you.  If you just Google the error codes although not specifically to do with ESS you should be able to find the answer but do so at your own risk.  I did notice on someone's video about it they were running Norton so it might be related to some security settings it changes.  Have you run the full uninstaller to make sure that Norton is fully removed if not this link should help as well.




Sorry didn't post the fix I would use but I wouldn't want you doing something that might not work.

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