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  1. Hi, After I uninstalled Norton security 22, I was not able to install ESS in my PC. An error occured with the code number 2503 and 2502 during the stage of registering when installing ESS. Do you have any ideas about this problem? (Windows 8.1 64bit) Thanks.
  2. Very detailed explanations. Thank you SweX, it's really helpful.
  3. Hello, I installed a 64-bit ESS. But I saw a process "ekrn.exe" with a tag "*32". Does it mean that the kernel of the software is still 32-bit? Only the GUI process is 64-bit? I'm a bit confused.
  4. thanks for you detailed explanation. i totally agree with what you've said. and i just hope you can make it perfect.
  5. i do agree with you that V4 is the fastest one i have ever used.and it will be great if v7 is faster than v6 . i think it should be HIPS which mainly affects the performence.
  6. well, thanks but i'm a bit confused that why there's such a big difference.
  7. Hi this is a resent test report by AV-Test hxxp://www.av-test.org/en/tests/home-user/windows-7/mayjun-2013/ I think you really need to do sth to improve the performance .
  8. no need? it can not be true! then way it will be updated if you choose pre-release update in advanced option?
  9. hi, i'm using version 6.316.and i find 'Real-time file system protection module' is quite old.it's '1006 (20110921)'.it seems it's been ignored for a long time.i think you should do sth on it. Will it be improved in version 7?
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