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Why is it not possible to Disable ESET completely ?

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Hi all,

I'm sorry but writing in complete rage after wasting hours trying to disable ESET from blocking some apps that I'm creating and testing.

1, I'm writing some scripts and coding for custom software, I also try to test some of these apps created by me and others and execute them and some need to run installations that I have created.

2, ESET keeps blocking or automatically deleting essential files. And none of it is malware or a Virus since I friggin created them.

3, I have tried to pause ESET but still ran into the same issue, I have went into advance settings and turn everything off but ESET still deletes the files that I'm trying to install.

Its hindering my work so much I'm starting to regret buying this and all the licenses.

A, I wanto completely disable ESET so I can run/test apps and afterwards add them into a whitelist or something.

Please help, I'm about to remove this and ask for a refund because this is crazy that there is no straight forward way to completely disable ESET !!!!

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Pausing protection should prevent detections by file scanners. Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector so that we can see what was detected and where so that we could suggest the appropriate exclusions.

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Thank you for the prompt reply, while I'm sure the logs would help the ESET team, it will not solve my current issue.

I need to be able to turn off ESET completely to run some of my apps and to test certain functionalities. This means I need to be able to run my apps and executions and just turn off ESET completely for a few hours.

The apps load stuff into the memory and some use windows folders and functionalities/dependencies however the locations used will be different for each app I have to work on and will change daily. Some of the apps will be flagged as trojans etc, however I'm working and writing apps so it's not a trojan ! I need to be able to turn off ESET completely . 

ESET just deletes the apps or prevents certain parts of it from extracting crucial parts. Some get ofcourse quarantined.

I'm not asking how to bypass ESET or to create rules as I'm not interested in that, I just need to be able to turn it off on my end.

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Unfortunately without knowing the detection name and the object where the detection was triggered we can't help you and give some suggestions. I can only assume those are HIPS-based behavioral on in-memory detections which can be disabled only in the advanced setup and not via the tray icon menu.

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