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False Positive

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The OpenCandy detection is not FP. This application is often bundled with free software and the detection is fully optional.

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If you don't want NOD 32 to notify you about bundled bloatware then click on advanced settings in the upper right corner of  the NOD 32 GUI. Then choose Antivirus, and Antispyware. Then untick enable detection of potentially unwanted applications. I myself want Eset to detect bloatware. I don't want a bunch of thrid party software being installed on my computer. Most of the time you can opt out of installing third party software such as toolbars etc.. during the installation. This isn't always the case though, and many people install the third party sofware that's bundled with the installer without knowing it or accidently do it because they click through the installation so fast they do not read where it states that the bundled software is an optional install. So they do not untick the optional install of the bundled software. Some installers are sneaky about it. The installer will give an option for the user to conduct a normal install which states recommended above it, and the option to conduct an advanced install. If the user chooses a normal installation then the bundled software will be installed on the user's machine without ever notifing the user.  This is the sneaky way of doing it, and it's just plain wrong.

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