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OS X FQDN after moving to the cloud


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Since moving to the cloud, we have multiple OS X systems that seem to revert to hostname.local instead of FQDN in the EP Console.

Under computer properties, FQDN is reflected correctly as hostname.domain. This is also reflected correctly under each system Details tab. However, the workstations still show as hostname.local in the console.

We have several tasks scheduled to rename computers based on FQDN and this works for some, but not for most. The task is configured to run against 'All'.

Any reason why they would revert to hostname.local and why the rename task doesn't work even when they have the correct FQDN in the EP Console?

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Thanks. I've already got three cases open with support for different issues and it usually takes months. I was hoping for some community feedback in the event anyone else is experiencing this issue.

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