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Welcome to ESET API & Integrations forum!

ESET Connect is an API gateway positioned between a client and a suite of ESET Cloud Enterprise Products. ESET Connect functions as a reverse proxy, accepting all application programming interface (API) calls for our cloud products. It aggregates the necessary services to process these calls and returns the corresponding results. Fundamentally, ESET Connect serves as a central hub for addressing both internal and external integration use cases. It primarily manages common tasks prevalent across an API service system, such as user authentication, rate limiting and statistics.

ESET APIs, along with 3rd party integrations (both inbound and outbound), provide opportunities to automate monitoring, security, and administrative tasks in our Endpoint Protection Platform and our EDR solution, ESET Inspect. Leveraging these, users can achieve not only automation and efficiency but also access new data sources and insights to enhance their security posture.

Should you encounter any technical challenges, please open a Support Ticket. Ensure you choose "ESET Connect" as the component. Describe your API-related issue in detail. If feasible, include the full API requests and responses, as well as pertinent details like the product version and operating system. Please refrain from including your API credentials or any personal information.

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