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GZIP decompression not working correctly on web content

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2 hours ago, 12mysh said:

Eset keeps adding this header when it is enabled. Internet protection module version 1467

Please elaborate more on the issue you have. What the OP reported and was fixed is this:

"...we use GZIP compression on files retrieved from our server, and ESET decompresses them to scan them and delivers them to the browser uncompressed with the appropriate headers altered. However, something appears to be going wrong with the decompression, and the results being delivered to the browser are not always correct.

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Thank you for the response. So, if I understand correctly, the data being transmitted from the HTTP server is compressed (gzip), and only the developer console shows a larger size of the transmitted files because ESET has already decompressed the data locally and pass to the browser uncompressed?

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