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Eset Vs Phishing protection

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I'm using paid Eset security but Eset not protect my Galaxy A14. The reasons are,

1. Why Eset Anti-Phishing for browser and sms protection are not protecting  us from Phishing sites and phishing links ?. 

Eset phishing menu they mention 
"Production you from accessing phishing or fraudulent sites and revealing sensitive information"
but protection level are poor.  all the premisions are granted (on) for Eset but protection is zero level. 

Ex: when I try to download movies from phishing sites the phishing link is open in another tab and movie is downloading in background (main page) but phishing site is appering in second tab. that time my Phone model , IEMI no , phone number , storage capacity all are appering in that phishing site. once download is finished Eset browser scan statics shows the number of scan files in their detailed view report but Eset is not protect us from phishing website. 

I used latest version of samsung browser (protection fail in this browser) , but in google chrome and firefox focus they automatically blocked that phishing site without Eset protection. 

2. Calls are missing always,
   I can't be able to receive the calls from others, they are always telling my line is busy and if they need to contact with me then they have to dial two times then only I can be able to receive the second call. this issue is continued for more than one month (very recently only I started to use the .....) but now others can be able to contact with me when they dial on first time , because last two days I not using the Eset (uninstalled from my phone).  

Note : Even call filter function also not switch on when I was use the Eset.

3. Why manual scan is not scan full files in android 13.
in-depth scan and smart scan are scaning same numbers of files (result are same and no difference between these two scans).
Even removable media (128gb microsd card) is missing to scan in depth scan and smart scan. only apps are scaning in smart scan and in depth scan they are not scan the additional files (Music files , video files , documents files , downloaded files and received files from bluetooth).

when I insert the OTG pendrive (Type C port) to my phone. That time also Eset not scan anything and not find the malware file also (actually I attached one malware file (.exe and eicar) in my pendrive and insert that pendrive to my phone - for testing purpose). 

Even the following setting are always on 
   Eset livegrid reputation system
   Eset LiveGrid feedback system
   Removable media always scan
   Detect potentially unwanted applications enabled
   detect potentially unsafe applications enabled.

What is the purpose of having " removable media always scan" option in Eset , somany options are available with useless. 

I'm using Eset version is v. (64bit).
Phone Model : Galaxy A14 
Os : Android 13 with ONE UI 5.1
Ram capacity : 6Gb (including virtual ram).

Note:  I don't no really Eset is protecting us from phishing websites and sms link ?. 

Eset win version is Excellent but Android protection is Worse (sorry to say) why Eset can't update their virus and phishing definitions same like win version ?.
We like and trust Eset only because Eset is EU software (not collecting users information).  Need to improve phishing and in depth scan. hope eset will improve in next weak. 

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Please make sure that you have granted all necessary permissions as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb2997. Also I'd check https://dontkillmyapp.com/samsung if you have created an exception in the battery optimizer.

Should the problems persist, please open a support ticket via the built-in form and let logs to be submitted to ESET for perusal.

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