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Is there solution password protection for endpoint on MAC os ?

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Hi everyone,

As far as I know the Eset endpoint has no  solution password protection  on MacOS user like Windows user . Because the problem occurr when user on MacOS can uninstall Eset endpoint without password protection.

So is there solution or roadmap for password protection for endpoint on MacOS ?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, there is not plan to add password protection to V7+ products in near future. It never will be added in V6.


Uninstallation is protected by system, only user with admin right is able to uninstall the product, normal user is not able to do it.


Solution is to setup correct user policy e.g. do not add all users on macOS admin right. User with admin right has many ways how to corrupt you protection, uninstallation is only on of them.

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