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C:\Windows\System32\backgroundTaskHost.exe is identified as Win32/GenCBL.JW on only one PC

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We have used ESET Protect for years now.

This morning, I saw an alarm:



What does that mean, first seen 3 years ago? 

I checked the file via Virus Total, it is clean: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/20330d3ca71d58f4aeb432676cb6a3d5b97005954e45132fb083e90782efdd50/details

The file is part of Cortana and is present on every Windows 10 client, but only on one client, ESET reports something. How can something like this happen? I have set this to solved now.



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Couldn't it be that you had pre-release updates enabled  on the machine? It appears that the detection was enabled only for less than an hour on Aug 18 and only on the pre-release update channel.

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