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Issues with Bridge forwarding between protect and agents

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I'm configuring eset protect + eset bridge and after all the setup, agents cannot communicate with the server (which is in an internal network). I'm trying to make https://help.eset.com/ebe/2/en-US/upgrade.html?forwarding_of_communication.html this work

Works like this:
 Agent -> Eset Bridge -> Protect Server

where bridge=proxy.xxx.com (3128 reachable from the internet) and protect server=server.xxx.com" (port 2222 is reachable from bridge"

I can see in the agent logs that "Enrollment failed with error: failed to connect to all addresses (code:14)" on connection "server.xxx.com" port: 2222, Proxy Enabled:1, Proxy connection: proxy.xxx.com"


Configurations are as follows (policies created and rolled out to bridge and agent installer):

 Bridge Policy (followed https://help.eset.com/ebe/2/en-US/bridge_policy.html)
   - port 3128

   - no authentication

   - no proxy server

 Agent Policy (followed https://help.eset.com/ebe/2/en-US/configure.html?agent_policy.html)

   - Connection ("servers to connect to" hasn't been modified so its server.xxx.com")

   - Advanced settings:

      * Proxy Configuration type: Global Proxy

      * Global Proxy configured with proxy.xxx.com: 3128


So basically even after configured ESET bridge and configured agents to connect to the proxy, the agent still complains that server.xxx.com is not reachable.

Do I need to setup something else? Why eset bridge does not catch up everything and the agent stills tries to communicate with the server without using the proxy?

Also, what's the purpose of proxy authentication if it cannot be used to increase security on top of the connection agent-server?


Thanks in advance!


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