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    SALC gave kudos to Christian Stück in Apache http Proxy Auth Problem   
    Hi Forum,
    i'm a bit stuck here trying to set up Apache http proxy with authentication.
    Apache proxy is st up to forward Protect Agent Replication from WAN to protect server.
    It works as long as i don't enable Password auth
    I followed this Doc: Apache HTTP Proxy installation - Linux | ESET PROTECT | ESET Online Help
    9.Optional basic authentication
    curl test works
    curl --proxy proxyserver:3128 -U esetproxy:............ https://protectserver:2222 logfile: - esetproxy [25/Oct/2022:14:43:50 +0000] "CONNECT erafix.intern.woelfel.de:2222 HTTP/1.1" 200 1611 "-" "curl/7.68.0" Agent-Communication does not work: - - [25/Oct/2022:14:44:09 +0000] "CONNECT protectserver:2222 HTTP/1.0" 407 760 "-" "grpc-httpcli/0.0"
    Error: Replication connection problem: failed to connect to all addresses (code: 14) for request
    Agent got the right policy with username/password set.
    Any ideas how i can further investigate?
    Thanks in advance!
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