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Your ESET INSPECT Cloud instance is unavailable

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We recently bought license for ESET Elite which includes ESET Inspect cloud. When i go to individual computer and click on Investigate (Inspect) button it says "your ESET Inspect cloud instance is unavailable". I reinstalled ESET on endpoint as well as manually installed Inspect connector on client (it was already installed so just did repair). Can you please advise how to solve this issue?

It is business account not MSP. Also ESET logs on PC shows error "2023-08-23 14:59:40 06ff8 Error: Error while sending control request to server at "localhost:8093". connect: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it [system:10061 at C:\repo\component\Shared\ThirdParty\boost\boost/asio/detail/win_iocp_socket_connect_op.hpp:105:5 in function 'do_complete']"

Please note: we can see ESET inspect tab on dashboard but there is no data in it. So somehow client does not able to connect to inspect cloud.  

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