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Offline Mirror Clients - not licensed anymore

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Hello, We are using an offline Mirror Policy for around 12 Clients, that are in the same Network, but do not have any Internet Access.

The Mirror is fine, same Version and can be connected.

Until Version 9 of ESET Endpoint Antivirus, everything was fine. With the new Version 10.1.2046, all the Clients give the Message:

your license has expired


I Pushed a new Package where the License is included, also tryed the Activation Task, but it does not Activate the Offline Clients.

Customer has 109 from 120 Clients activated, all Other Clients are ok, everything is pushed from ESET Protect Server (Vm on Vmware), Version: 10.0.2133 

What can I do ?  Best Regards, Zdenko Rendic








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If you have renewed the license, offline machines must be re-activated with the current offline license key. Are these computers completely offline and using ESET Bridge for communication with ESET's servers would not be an option?

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I am getting Trouble creating the Offline Licence File, can not find this option in the MSP Administrator and on the ESET Protect also...

This is what I found on the Internet:




And this is what I see on the Custormer ESET Protect:



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Thank you for your Help, We are using MSP Licence and after creating an ESET Bussiness Account for the Customer, this was not a Solution to create offline license. The Clients dont have Internet but some Destination Ip-s and Ports are open, and it seems that after Version 10 from ESET Endpoint Antivirus, some new IP-s for Activation are required. We had to open some new IP-s from this list, for example this one:



The Offline Mirror Clients are now active again. Case Closed.

Best regards



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