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API Endpoints for Computer Details


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I have the ESET Endpoint Security + Server Security products (ESET Protect) and we are trying to make API calls to grab details of our clients’ computers. We use ESET as a plugin for ConnectWise Automate, but not all the additional details we see from Automate are parameters we can query from their end. Thus, we are trying to query directly from ESET, either from the web console or the server. For instance, on the web console from the Computers tab > Client > then double-clicking a Computer Name brings tabs with additional details such as “Security risks" and "Used Licenses".

From the API document (JSON documentation for ESET PROTECT Server Api), I see that we need to use the ServerApi.dll to make the calls. Is there documentation on how to connect to the separate server containing the dll file (authentication) then make the appropriate calls? (Such as the "Security risks" field for a computer mentioned earlier). I have the server’s username, password, and IP but am unsure how to configure my script.

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I had created a support ticket and they advised me to post on the forum.

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Actually if technical support of an ESET partner cannot help or answer specific questions, they are supposed to contact ESET HQ for advice and not suggest the users to post here. Please drop me a personal message with the conversation enclosed so that we can check why they did that. Questions about API are very specific and should be answered by ESET HQ.

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