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How To Restore A Block To A Website

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I was searching for a restaurant's website for which I found a link via search results and Trip Advisor.  I clicked on the search result link and Eset popped up and warned that going to the website might be a bad thing to do.  I wondered just how bad it could be to ignore and proceed.  I found out.  Since I chose to ignore the warning, how do I get Eset to go back to blocking it if I click on the restaurant's website link again inadvertantly?  It's funny that I successfully got to the restaurant's website easily two days ago, but now the link has been hijacked.

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If the website was blocked as potentially unwanted (ie. you were provided with an option to continue to it), you will be asked again after you restart the browser.  We'd like to know what website it was and re-recheck it. It's possible that it was compromised in the past but has been cleaned since already.

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