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Lenovo Browser Guard detected as threat

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Hello, everyone, I recently bought a Lenovo All-in-One and transferred my ESET Smart Security to it with no problem. However, every time I boot up, the scan finds the Lenovo Browser Guard components and detects them as a threat. Each time, I click on "no Action" but it's annoying. Is there any way to set the scan to ignore the Lenovo Browser Guard components? Thanks for your help.

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We've seen this in the past and is likely still being seen as Potentially Unwanted Application. While we wouldn't recommend shutting off PUA detection, if you trust it, the following ESET Knowledgebase article should help exclude that program from scanning: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2769

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Lenovo Browser Guard (LBG) is a desktop application that protects the default search settings and home page that are pre-configured in Internet Explorer (IE) when the system is shipped from Lenovo. Browser Guard is pre-installed in the factory and runs in the background when the system is in operation. You will typically not notice that Browser Guard is running unless it detects that a 3rd party application tries to tamper with the factory settings in IE. In this case Browser Guard will prompt the user that an attempt to change the user’s settings has been detected and Browser Guard will prompt the user to indicate if the change should be permitted or not.


Ugh ugh ugh....sounds like an unnecessary "guard" to have, and on top of that also have it running in the background all the time just for the purpose in the quote. 

Personally, if that really is its only purpose then I would remove it without a second thought and forget all about it.


Q: How do I remove Browser Guard?

A: Lenovo Browser Guard is listed in the “Add/Remove Program” section of the Control Panel and can be removed from there.

Good Lenovo most useful!!!


Q: Why does my antivirus program display a warning about Lenovo Browser Guard?

A: The way Browser Guard operates to protect your settings can in some cases be mistaken for being suspicious activity by some antivirus programs. Since antivirus programs take the road of caution when they cannot fully determine if a file is a threat or not they prompt the user to investigate the file to ensure it is something they want. Lenovo is also currently updating Browser Guard so it should not be perceived as doubtful by the anti-virus vendors.



I would rather see them ditch this bloat load totally instead of trying to improve it  -_-



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