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This problem bothered me too much. It does not let ESET take a rest and the result may lead to slow connection to to the internet 

From yesterday and yet due the problem I feel that my network become hard to communicate and hurts me too much.

Of course, we all the family use one network ( public ).  I can't understand what the message is!  I have a little knowledge in technology     

As someone suggested online, I did yesterday the following : 

I run the CMD as administrator  and  did the following command  :

1. IPconfig/release  --- enter    2.  ipconfig/ renew  

I thought the problem was solved but just a few seconds ago, the message appeared again! 



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55 minutes ago, itman said:

Refer to this Eset knowledge base article: https://support.eset.com/en/kb3430-identical-ip-addresses-detected-in-network .

You will probably have to set up an Eset IDS exception.

Thank you 

Where or how can I set up Eset IDS exception ? 

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I went to the page  it tells :  

  1. Click Network Protection → Network attack protection and then click Edit next to IDS exceptions.There is not IDS exception in my ESET  but IDS Rules   ? 

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