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  1. Sorry the time I forgot my password or didn't at once remember it, I chose my Facebook account sending as a new user through Gamil may it be, however, the picture above and the user-title above are mine ( mohammad Ahmad) and that's I openly share it to be known. I am Mohammad Ahmad Iraqi translator and writer I would like sharing this first post about a message I received at my yahoo mail, a member here complaining that he lost his Eset and being sad. Why you use window 10, it anonymously not to do Window 7 Ultimate is the better one, many years I am happy and no problem but last time I visited unknown or might be a suspected page containing malicious programs and I got a phishing. My Eset has been stopped so no thing can manage the case making it as usual as previous time. Lastly the best solution I found, is to format my PC Eset is a very sensitive antivirus program but it works better than for example avaira or avast Of course I find that ESET is better than other antivirus programs because it runs fast not as Avast which consumes all the times and can't clean the viruses only on the restating manner which lasts nearly hour or more 0 Quote MultiQuote
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