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False positive message when trying to visit a website

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Thanks for the ESET internet security software, it does a great job!
However, I just saw that it return a false positive message "Potentially unwanted content found" and "This web page is on the list of websites with an uncertain reputation or potentially unwanted content and has been blocked".

I am talking about 2 domain names that I purchased not long ago, and I am about to build new (and needless to say 100% clean) websites under them: spel dot cc AND discounts dot tips

Regarding spell dot cc - I have already reported ESET that it's a false positive (I did it about 2 weeks ago) but I still get this annoying warning when I try to visit the domain.

Regarding discounts dot tips - I reported today.

Yes, I know that in order to avoid seeing that warning I can exclude these 2 websites locally, in my ESET internet security settings, but it's important that also other potential visitors to my future websites (with ESET on their local machine) will not have to face this warning for NO REASON. 

What can be done in order to completely whitelist these 2 domains fast?

Many thanks,


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The first domain was registered at Namecheap and has no content yet. Please dispute the block at samples[at]eset.com once you have added a final content. The second site contains "Hello world" and has not been blocked.

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