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ESET Update Question

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Guest AJ the Curious

Today my ESET Internet Security took about 4 or 5 minutes to update when it’s usually a few seconds. I checked to see in the Update Tab if it was a new version (it ended up being standard modules and detection engine updates) and it had over 13,000 KB to download. Normally it says about 600-700 at max and 100-500 on average. This is a Windows 11 desktop and on my Mac the update was about 800 KB (although I am one detection engine update behind on the Mac compared to the Windows desktop). Was there a huge update recently or was my desktop not updating properly until now? It said that it updated a few times yesterday and I don’t know if it’s an error or something else with my PC or ESET.

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At times we release an update of the Machine learning module (Augur) which is always big since since it contains machine learning models with a lot of data. The size of the module update was about 14 MB.

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