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SmartPSS does not receive traffic from NVR/DVR

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Hi everyone,

After upgrading my computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11, Dahua NVR SmartPSS application does not receive traffic from the NVR and still shows “Searching Video”, knowing that the application recognizes the NVR, and displays that it is well connected.

After analyzing ESET Endpoint Entry log files, I found that ESET is blocking traffic coming from NVR, so I tried several tricks to solve this problem like SmartPSS app authorization, disabling protection, re-installing the SmartPSS application, exclude SmartPSS file scan, and nothing works.

Has anyone faced such an error?

Notice: I tested the app with Windows 11 without ESET Entry, it works fine.

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Is the device in the trusted zone? If not and it's trusted, try adding it's IP there.

If that doesn't help run the Firewall troubleshooting wizard to get a list of recently blocked communication and unblock the desired one. Alternatively you can switch the firewall to learning mode for a while until the necessary rules are created and then switch back to automatic mode.

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Hi everyone

Bad path, Why did I dig into it?? because the symptoms indicate that the traffic arrives at the PC (displayed in ESET) and also there is traffic blocked by ESET (Coming from the IP address of DVR).

After a long period of research and testing, I found that when Windows 10 upgraded to Windows 11 pro N (Don't know why??), it means Windows 11 pro N didn't the Media Player functionalities which is an essential component for the proper functioning of SmartPSS (This prerequisite is missing from the Dhua Documentation).


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