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How do I get tech support?

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Guest Vobbitz

I got on your web site to get tech support, filled in the required information, and five days later got an email saying to get on the web site and use the chat. No help. Just that.

So I got on the web site, filled in the same information already given the first time, and clicked on "chat". A chat window opened, a red arrow went round and round, and then, ...nothing happened. Every few minutes Windows message popped up on the bottom right of the screen telling me to "Stand by". I waited twenty minutes. Nothing.

This happened once before. I begged tech support to tell me how to get help when ESET's chat function doesn't work. They never replied. Nothing but crickets.

Please tell me how you get tech support.

Thank you.

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Unfortunately you have posted as a guest without signing up first so we have no clue what country you are from and which distributor you attempted to contact. Only some provide live chat for support.

I'd recommend raising a support ticket via https://go.eset.com/contact-support/. Should you not get a response withing 3-4 business days, sign up for this forum and provide the ticket ID as well as your public license ID in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX.

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