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ESET Email Spam Protection - Poor Performance


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Windows 11 22H2
Outlook 365, 2301 (Current Channel)
ESET Endpoint Security 10.0.2034.0
Exchange ActiveSync Account (Outlook.com Consumer email as example)

With no ESET AntiSpam enabled, Microsoft services automatically block most junk/spam email on the server side (95% correct block rate).
With ESET AntiSpam enabled, emails appear to be re-scanned, and the detection rate is substantially worse (less than 50% classified correctly).

I also tried looking up the documentation and could not find the difference between the "Spam" button and "Spam Address" button in the Outlook ESET Addon. Could anyone answer/comment on this?

Are there settings in ESET that could help enhance the spam filtering? I have the Integrate into Outlook, Advanced email client Processing, antispam, advanced antispam scan, etc. all enabled.

I have enabled logging and see that many of the messages that used to get auto filtered by Microsoft on their servers are marked, "No rule classifies the email." and Score = 0. Granted there are some that are allowed or blocked in the list, but the detection rate seems very low compared to industry standards.

Is there a known issue? I saw an update about email protection not working after sleep for 9.1 and 10.x and I am running the latest stable release of 10.x. I also have set my system to not go to sleep as a test and when Outlook is left running, this is when the problem shows up.

Below is a screenshot of the filtered list of AntiSpam logs for "No Rule..." Note the email from and subject lines are obvious spam.



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