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Using public wifi on android

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Guest Guest John

Hi first time here, had a good look but can't find what I'm looking for. If my query has been answered elsewhere please redirect me. While using public wifi on android 12 Eset tells you to disconnect as network unsafe. In Eset internet security for windows there is a setting to identify network as public so Eset hides your device from all other devices on the network, thereby protecting you. This facility doesn't seem to exist in Internet security for mobile where (I would have thought) you would be more likely to want it, certainly as a home user as opposed to office/work user. Am I right in this or am I missing something (glaringly obvious knowing me).

Again apologies if this has been answered before, or is common knowledge, grateful for any help/direction

Cheers John.

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Guest Guest John

Replying to my own post. After some research it would seem I need a VPN or security software that includes a VPN. As Eset doesn't include a VPN I will need to move away from Eset unless someone from Eset has a different solution for me, cheers John.  

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I'm sure I read they may be possibly considering a VPN in the future but If that is the case I don't think it would be for a while 

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