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Action required from Enduser... can I work around this ?

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Hello all, 

I am not satisfied with installing the app on employee's phones. 

When I want to install the app on other devices, the end user still has to make their own settings. Here, as an admin, you can't guarantee that everything works. 

We have a mobile device management in place that allows me to install apps. Is there no way to install the app through it so that the end user does not have to change any settings? 


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To the best of my knowledge, if a phone is enrolled in Device owner mode, the user should not need to confirm permissions upon deploying Endpoint Antivirus.

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when i use owner of android device in protect cloud the end user also need to scan the qr code, i want to bypass such thing

To explain more specifically. 

I use baramundi mobile device management, here I can install the Eset endpoint security business app.

after the installation I have to set up the app, I have to somehow manage to register the device via the eset protect cloud without having it in hand. 

is there no way that I roll out the app, deposit the license and set so that the end user does not have to do anything ? 

so that the end user simply has the working app on it. 

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